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Starting from the village of Porto Moniz, our tours get you out to the natural treasures of the Northwest region of Madeira Island, including a large area of Laurissilva, a relict forest classified by UNESCO as a natural and cultural heritage to be protected.

Our jeep tours are the best way to go to hidden viewpoints over astonishing sights around Porto Moniz. You can also rent a bike and get to know Laurissilva in a sustainable and fun way. Our boat tours are the best way to see how breathtaking the green cliffs of Madeira Northwest are. So, come adventuring with us!


E.Tropical  mission is to develop Ecological Tourism in Madeira, making Madeira's Protected Areas known to an increasing number of tourists and residents, and to make available to its clients a new experience, exploring the Fauna and Flora characteristics of this region. area.



E.Tropical, is a touristic animation company, located in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, in Portugal. We are fully licensed by Instituto de Turismo de Portugal with the license number: RNAAT Nº 2177/2018

We are a company dedicated to jeep tours with off road incursions. Our tours were selected and created using old Municipal and Forest roads, allowing us to provide good moments and the possibility to enjoy beautifull landscapes and scenery, as well as locations and places otherwise unnacessible and of rare beauty.



The vulcanic archipelago of Madeira is one of the most isolated oceanic islands in the North-east Atlantic. Up to 28 species of whales and dolphins are registrated for passing by during specific seasons. With its dramatic landscape, the island is surrounded by deep waters and submarine canyons just a few miles offshore. Perfect for deep-diving species such as f.e. spermwhales, beaked and pilot whales.


The Levadas are narrow man-made channels of water, built over the centuries, to irrigate areas of difficult access on Madeira Island.

There are over 200 channels, over about 2500 km and dozens of recommended walking routes! It is one of the main attractions in Madeira, much sought after by nature lovers, who visit this destination for hiking purposes.


Whale and dolphin watching


Dolphin and whale watching trips can be life-changing experiences. That is why so many people go on trips every year. We offer a thrilling 1 hour tour on the speed boat which has 400 horse power. We take maximum 12 guests per trip to watch the whales and dolphins. This trip is for all kinds of people, ones who enjoy speed and adrenaline but who also enjoy nature and wildlife.



The best way to take you to hidden viewpoints over astonishing sights around Porto Moniz.

Rent a Bike


Porto Moniz has the largest area of Laurissilva in the island, a relict forest classified by UNESCO as a natural and cultural heritage to be protected.

Rent a bike and get to know Madeira´s most precious treasure in a sustainable and fun way.

Hiking and trekking

Walking along a levada is one of the most exciting experiences to have on the island. There is more than 3,000 km of irrigation channels that guide you through the most beautiful landscapes of the island!



To snorkelling in Madeira is to discover a special underwater world. The Atlantic’s marine life, the snorkelling sites at different depths and their excellent visibility, make this an irresistible activity. With the sea temperature between 18 ° and 24 °C  you’ll be able to dive all year round and will not want to stop exploring our sea.

Scuba Diving


In Madeira there are places where you can dive directly from the beach. One of the most sought-after locations is Garajau nature reserve. Here you can see barracudas, morays, amberjacks, cutlassfish, mackerels, salemas, giant anemones and rays. Other features of this place include giant groupers that often come in close contact with the divers.

The Royal Roads of Madeira


Madeira Island has more to offer than just only the Levadas. Did you know that the island has a hidden walking network of more than 325km in length … the so called Royal Roads (Caminhos Reais). In the past these royal roads were the only way to connect the different points of Madeira.

Skippered Boat Hire

Hire the boat and your skipper will take you anywhere you would like to go. Up to Boscastle for an ice cream, Newquay for lunch or may be down to the lifeboat station for a picnic. The North Cornish coast is your playground.



We only use the very best quality equipment, bait and lures all included in your experience. Snacks and refreshments are available.

Fully licensed and equipped for Big Game Fishing, ensuring you a safe and pleasurable trip.

Walking levadas


Discover the wonderful nature of Madeira Island by walking along the levadas.

Trust us, we love hiking in this Island!

Surf & Bodyboard

- Lessons are scheduled always during the low tide, because in Madeira Island is when the best conditions to surf occur. So, they can be booked in the morning or in the afternoon.

- Beaches/spots for the surf lessons: Seixal, Machico and Porto da Cruz (Alagoa or Maiata beaches).

- All participants should bring bathing suit, slippers, towel and sunscreen.

- min. number of people: 2

- máx. number of people: 15

Each session includes:  2 hours lesson, surfing gear, insurances, professional coaching and transportation

Inspiring moments


Madeira Islands have a perfect climate.



It is never too hot averaging a maximum of 24 °C during the summer months (July through to October) and a minimum of 17 °C.

During the winter average temperatures drop by approximately 4 °C.

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    Simple and tasty food for wonderful and extraordinary people! #conchinhabar

    A snack bar with a cosy terrace ideal for breakfast or a quick lunch before going adventuring.



    With 100 years of history, architecture and rustic warm, is the perfect option for those seeking a family environment and countryside. A mild climate, pure fresh air, it's proximity both to the sea and the mountains and it's beautiful landscapes, turn Porto Moniz into a most pleasant holiday destination.
    The Peace is absolute, the hospitality is inviting and attractive activities.




    After so much adrenaline you will need to sit and rest. You are more welcome in Conchinha, a cosy snack-bar ideal for a quick lunch. If you are into slowing down to eat, come to Polo Norte, our Madeiran cuisine restaurant with a top terrace to enjoy the sunny days in Porto Moniz. In the summertime, if you are up for a swim in the natural pool, drop by the Ocean Lounge to refresh. If you want to stay around and explore Porto Moniz for a few days, you can rent a cosy flat (Campo e Mar) in the village at a walking distance from restaurants and natural swimming pools or a suite in a traditional country house in Santa do Porto Moniz (Casa do Ribeirinho).




    The Polo Norte Restaurant was founded in 1986 and is located in a privileged area of Porto Monis, next to the pools, the ideal place for a meal after a morning or day at the pools.

    Come visit us for lunch or dinner, we have a beautiful balcony with a view of the sea of Porto Moniz. Come and try our fresh fish and seafood dishes. Imagine a beautiful sunny day with a gourgeous sea view enjoying some fresh grilled limpets directly from the Porto Moniz sea. A typical meal with tuna filet or black scabbard with banana or passion fruit. Don't forget to try our passion fruit homemade pudding.

    The Polo Norte restaurant has a total of 212 places, living room, bar and balcony as well as public parking outside.

    We accept group reservations.




    Campo & Mar two cozy and modern Guest accommodation apartments renovated and prepared to satisfy all your needs. The mild climate, the fresh air, the proximity of the sea and the mountain and its beautiful landscapes make this a pleasant place to spend holidays. The natural pools of Porto Moniz (3 minutes away on foot), the Laurissilva Forest (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the levadas and an endless range of natural resources allow for numerous leisure activities. Two modern apartments of Local Accommodation (AL) type T1 in the center of Porto Moniz, perfect for a weekend getaway or a holiday to relax for two or with family (capacity up to 4 people), with private bathroom, kitchen, cable TV, free Wifi. One apartment has a mountain view and the other sea view